DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser Reviews


To be sure that the walls as do the furniture and other household fittings are as level as possible, there is need for a tool that has the ability to accurately determine and display the true orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the surfaces.DEWALT DW089K laser line level is one such tool. It basically incorporates the traits of an ordinary plumb bob and a spirit level and combines it with a laser to accomplish the task of determining the orientation of the surfaces.


The DEWALT DW089K Line Laser is an example of such an item. It forms the basis of the following review which highlights and explains its major features:DW089K

Easy Alignment

It has a micro-adjust knob which makes it easy to align. This is possible due to the fact that the device’s 90 degree layout lines can be adjusted in small bits or steps till it hits the desired mark as opposed to the situation whereby the is laser is nudged to attain the desired mark as is the case with other competing devices.



DEWALT DW089K is very accurate indeed. This is brought about by a confluence of two main factors namely: improved visibility that is made possible by a beam that is two times brighter and is easily seen even in direct sunlight or longer distances and correctness of about 1/8-inches at 30-feet.

Operational Efficiency

DEWALT DW089K is very easy to manipulate and operate. It has an extra plumb line which forms a 90-degree intersect on the floors and the ceilings and a third vertical beam that negates the need for an additional laser. This saves the user’s time and allows them to be as productive as possible.DW089K


This DW089K is suited for a variety of functions and tasks that are related to construction work such as the installation of drop ceilings, cabinets, windows, door, and chair rails. This saves greatly on the time of users and also ensures that as high a return on the money invested by the users is ensured as possible.


Low Power Consumption

DEWALT DW089K consumes less power. It is powered by only four AA batteries that have a maximum runtime of around 30 hours. This saves on the utility bills for users, enables the device to be deployed to very remote locations with much ease, and prevents most of the problems that are associated with corded machines such as low operational range.


Pros of DW089K 

• It is very durable and highly resistant to scratches, warps, corrosions, and bending.

• The machine delivers very amazing and outstanding results indeed.

• It is fairly easy to control owing to the ease with which the operations are simplified.


Cons of DW089K 

• It is very costly and hence out of the reach of many a potential user.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Ql. Does this machine have a manufacturer’s warranty?

A. Yes, it does. It is accompanied by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q2. What are the precise dimensions of this machine?

A. It measures around 11.3 inches long by 10.6 inches wide by 4.8 inches high

Q3. In which country is the machine manufactured/assembled?

A. China.

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Final Verdict

It is very clear from the foregoing review that the DEWALT DW089K Line Laser is the laser line level of choice, the aforementioned shortcomings, notwithstanding. This is due to the fact that it embodies all the crucial attributes of the ideal laser line level in one compact and comprehensive package.

Steve Altman

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