Bosch GLL 2-50 Review: Self-Leveling Cross line Laser with Pulse

Are you a surveyor or a construction engineer? Do you have a constant need to install perfectly horizontal floors, ceilings, stairs, pipelines and so forth? Or are you just a home owner who frequently install and move objects that require installation precision?

A traditional bubble level could do a fairly good job. However a laser level would give you a high level precision compared to traditional levelers. When it comes to laser levelers, a great piece of materials to have is Bosch’s GLL2-50 Self-Leveling Cross-line Laser with Pulse.

Bosch GLL2-50 has several features that make it a stand out performer. The most important features are described bellow:-

Bosch GLL 2-50 Review

Extremely Versatile with 4 Laser Modes

Bosch GLL2-50 offers vertical, horizontal and cross-line modes. It also has a wide horizontal angle of about 130 degrees as well as a vertical angle of 160 degrees. This helps to reduce the need to re-position the unit while you work.

A fourth mode exists for measuring long range distances of over 65 feet. A pulse laser receiver mode helps ensure that you can cover these long distances even while working in bright light. An optional LR2 Laser receiver can be installed to increase the range up to 165 feet.

Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Kit...
  • VERSATILE: The Bosch GLL 2-50 offers...
  • VISIBLE: Offers highly visible laser...
  • SELF-LEVELING: The GLL 2-50 features...
  • EXTENDABLE: With the Bosch LR2 Line...
  • CONVENIENT: The kit also includes the...

Highly Visible Laser Lines

The laser beams of Bosch GLL2 -50 are highly visible. This is very crucial because the laser beam is most important element of leveling. At very high lighting, the beam from the unit is still very visible. The unit has a wide range of rotating speed which can be set as desired to vary the intensity of the beam brightness.

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A laser glass can also be used in which case the beam stands out solidly even in direct sunlight. This feature is especially useful because it helps the user easily see the lines. A user can also see the maximum extent to which the laser is when working in outdoor work sites or places with highlighting.

Durable Battery Life

A laser level device requires power dues to the laser functions. This unit has been designed to consume less battery power. The battery port is also easily located and assessed to ensure quick replacement when the need arises.

The Bosch GLL2-50 is designed to work efficiently for longer duration. This makes it possible to complete tasks in on go without the need for frequent battery checks and changes.

Durable and Compact

Bosch GLL2-50 is sturdy. This unit is built to last. It is water and dust proof. It also has an easily accessible battery compartment. Changing batteries comes quick and easy and saves you any hassles and unwanted downtime.

It is compact and is therefore very portable. It weighs just about 1 pound and about 4 inches in height. This unit fits easily into your pocket or in the belt pouch which has been included.

Advantages (Pros) of Bosch GLL2-50

  • High level precision the units boast of precision levels of up to ‘/4 inch at 100 feet.
  • A smart pendulum leveling system has been integrated.
  • This comes in handy in out of level situation of up to 4 degrees.
  • The system senses and self corrects itself.
  • It also locks when the unit is turned off.
  • Precision is further enhanced by a WM1 Positioning device with micro-fine height adjustment.
  • This unit includes retractable feet, a tripod stand, and magnet slots for nails or screws.
  • Provision has also been made for optional straps.
  • Self-leveling pendulum line laser for alignment accuracy of 3mm at 10mSelf-locking pendulum for safe transportation.
  • Highly visible laser line.
  • Vertical, horizontal, and cross line modes for precise alignment
  • Single handed operation for easy handling.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Bosch GLL2-50

  • One major drawback of this particular unit is the magnetic attachment module.
  • It begins to feel weak after repeated use.
  • It makes the unit look heavier than it actually is.


What is the maximum range of accuracy?

The laser accuracy range is good to about 50 feet. From that point the beams begins to widen a little bit. It’s perfect for residential renovations.

Is the beam bright enough for exterior work?

As long as the device is not used in direct sunlight, the beam is sufficiently visible for exterior works. A compatible laser enhancement glasses will really make the beam stand out.

Final Verdict

The Bosch GLL2-50 is a great piece of equipment for surveyors and construction engineers. It is also ideal for DIY home owners who wish to carry out home renovations. For Its compact and durable build makes it an ideal choice for all who may be in need of a leveling device.

Steve Altman

Steve Altman is a laser level expert, having worked with different laser level companies since 2000. He has been using these products frequently, and over the years, he has gained unmatched experience in all aspects of laser levels. Currently, he does in-depth research about some of the best-rated products, analyzes them, and gives his audience actionable, reliable information about laser levels.

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