CST/Berger TLM100 Laser Level Review

The CST/Berger TLM100 is a laser distance meter for measuring long distances with accuracy and convenience. Intended as a replacement for traditional tools, the device is more accurate and efficient than tapes and sticks.

Just point the laser and press the large red button. It has a large display for easy to see numbers along with conveniently placed buttons.


Features of TLM100

Pinpoint Accuracy

Thanks to its true laser measurement, the device is accurate to plus or minus 1/4-inch at up to 100 feet. Many tools that claim to be laser measures are actually using ultrasonic waves but with a laser pointer. This can be very inaccurate especially when there are obstructions.

Instead, the TLM100 uses the actual laser beam to measure, hence producing much higher accuracy. Also, since the laser is used to measure, you always know what you are measuring.

Easy to use

Coming from cumbersome poles and tapes, the TLM100 is much, much easier to use. Even for difficult areas, using the laser measurer is a very simple. Your productivity will be greatly increased by using this.

In the past, a complex measurement will often require hours of work and many people. Now, I can do the job myself at the touch of a button!

Ergonomic and Durable Body

Protecting its innards is a tough outer shell with a nice grip by the side. The body is tough and will survive falls from a few feet.

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Because of the countered rubber grip, the device is really nice to hold. This is really a device you want to bring along with you. Being as handy as it’s make it good for replacing your older tools.

Quick Calculations

The TLM100 is able to do a few basic calculations such as addition and subtraction. It includes area and volume measurements as well. While they are nothing complex, being able to churn out a few sums is great. When walking about, this is really nice to have.

Bright Laser Beam

The red point that comes out of the device is bright and visible. While not bright enough for long range outdoor use, it is very good indoors and can easily be seen.

This takes the guesswork out of measuring and increases precision. Using it is easy due to the bright beam.


  • Measurements are made using laser
  • Convenient to use
  • Durable and handy
  • Accurate


  • Lacks complex calculations
  • Limited range
  • No viewfinder


What is the maximum range?

About 100 feet

Does it have both metric and imperial?

Yes, you can switch between them


The TLM100 is great for all professionals or amateurs. The accuracy is excellent and is as good as tape measures, just without the trouble. This is one of those tools that you never thought you need – but that you can’t part with after using for a while.

It leaves the the old tools in the dust. With a durable and handy exterior, this is a good replacement for all your tape measures and roll-sticks.

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