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Heavy Duty Tripod DEWALT DW0737 Review

Heavy Duty Tripod

The Dewalt DW0737 Heavy-Duty Tripod is an excellent surveying tripod at a budget price. As usual, tripods like these are used for holding surveying instruments like levels and transits. This tripod has an aluminium frame, with plastic for the hinges and head. A shoulder strap is also affixed to the tripod to facilitate carrying. Features […]

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DEWALT DW0714 Laser Enhancement Glasses Review

dewalt dw0714

Have you been wondering whether it’s possible to enhance the visibility of the red beam laser you’re using? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a product that is specifically designed for that – the DEWALT DW0714 Laser Enhancement Glasses. Like other products of its kind, this pair of glasses increases visibility of red-beam […]

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DEWALT DW0730 Laser Target Card Review I Best Laser Level

DEWALT DW0730 Laser Target Card Review

When planning or executing your carpentry projects such as drop ceiling installations, you should be able to locate the laser perfectly in order to achieve more accurate results. The laser target card is excellently made to be used by a rotary laser and to enhances the beam’s visibility enabling you to see the beam more […]

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