Dewalt DW0737 Laser Level Tripod Review

The Dewalt DW0737 Heavy-Duty Tripod is an excellent surveying tripod at a budget price. As usual, tripods like these are used for holding surveying instruments like levels and transits. This tripod has an aluminium frame, with plastic for the hinges and head. A shoulder strap is also affixed to the tripod to facilitate carrying.

Dewalt Laser Level Tripod Review

DEWALT Heavy Duty Tripod (DW0737)
  • Industry standard 5/8-inch x 11 mounting...
  • Quick-release legs for fast and easy...
  • Closed to opened height of 38 inches to...
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum...
  • Pointed steel feet are stable on any...

Features of DEWALT DW0737

The body is made of a lightweight construction with an aluminium frame. As such, its weight is a mere 8.1 pounds. While the lower mass makes it less sturdy, its lightweight body is great for carrying around. In use, the reduction in load makes lugging it around much easier and setting up the tripod is a breeze.

DW0737 Heavy Duty tripod has a closed to opened height of 38 to 60 inches. This is quite average, but works well enough. The low closed height makes it easy to bring about. Also, I really liked that it occupies less space in my vehicle. I can even hold it with just one hand under my arm.

The tripod can safely support a max load of 10 lb, which is good enough to hold normal tools. You will be able to use this tripod to do most tripod suites without it breaking. While pressing down on the head with my hands, I did not see or feel any substantial flex.

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DW0737 Heavy-Duty tripod also has quick release legs that saves your time and effort. This handy latch works well for extending and retracting the feet quickly. It locks very firmly for a fifty-dollar tripod and feels durable. So far, it has not slipped on me yet. The sliding motion is smooth and quick as well.

The pointed steel on the ends of the feet digs into the ground to increase stability. When firmly planted, it does not appear to topple or shift from minor bumps. It feels quite solid in use, though its light weight takes away from that somewhat. Considering its price, I can’t really complain.


  • Very light compared to other tripods
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Feet works very well in stabilizing the tripod
  • Huge bang for the buck.
  • Small size when closed.


  • Lightweight construction feels flimsy.
  • Low mass makes it less stable.
  • Use of plastic reduces toughness.


What is the thread on the nut?A- It is a standard 5/8-inch x 11 thread

Is it compatible with a regular laser level?A- Yes, but you will need to purchase a 5/8-11 by 1/4-20 Female to Male Tripod Adapter

What is the maximum load this supports?

It can hold a load of up to 10 lb

Final Words

The DEWALT DW0737 Heavy-Duty Tripod is an excellent choice for homeowners or workers as a good first tripod. While durability falls short of the higher priced models due to its light weight and plastic parts, it is convenient and easy to use. This makes it perfect for those who do not need it for demanding usage and don’t want to spend a lot. The light, but strong frame makes for a solid tripod that holds your tools very well.

In all, this is a quality product. Its light weight gives it an edge over the other tripods, and the standard 5/8×11 thread, with a flat head, makes it a versatile device. With some care and maintenance, this tripod will last a long time. Due to its good value, this is highly recommended for first time buyers and homeowners.

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