Dewalt DW088K Review: Best Cross Line Laser Level

Sometimes we underestimate or overlook how important it is to find the perfect level. Just imagine exactly what would happen if your stairs were a little off level, or your floor or ceiling. The world would definitely seem quite off balance if we lacked the vital tools highly essential to create the right precision we really need.

This is where DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser comes in handy and it’s also the latest and greatest in leveling technology world. Whether you’re an expert builder or someone who just like things to be in shape or balanced at home or the workplace, you’re going to be impressed with what this top rated laser can really do to make your work become such a breeze.


Also constructed from the finest and highest quality material and designed for the most adept in precision, no doubt you’re going to love the impressive results you’ll get from this device in which you can’t get from an otherwise traditional laser level.

This device will also help you determine sharp horizontal and vertical levels of things, with a profound precision that’s second to none. This means, you have to set and start up your system only once unlike in other alternatives, where you’re forced to carry a bubble level with you every time in order to check that everything is leveled perfectly.

Dewalt DW088K Review

DEWALT Line Laser,...
  • DEWALT laser level is durable and has over molded...
  • Laser level tool has patented integrated magnetic...
  • Self leveling laser level is water and debris...
  • Can achieve up to a 165 ft. range when used with a...
  • Housed in a durable storage case.

DW088K Features:

Effective Bright Crossing Projection

Every time you’re searching for a laser level to fit your needs, you’d like to consider each tool’s ability to cast a line quite effectively against any surface. DeWalt DW088K, on the other hand, makes this possible and will help you project quite impressive bright crossing of both horizontal and vertical lines on any surface quite easily.

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More so, with this vital tool, it’s even possible to cast a visible line up to 30 feet away, which gives you sufficient space to work around seamlessly. For some truly brilliant and added versatility, we highly recommend the use of this device for various leveling and different layout application all the time. You’ll love the end results!

Full-Time Pulse Mode

Also comes with a full-time pulse mode, which enables this device to use a detector – highly efficient to determine a perfect laser alignment in order to draw the desired results with profound precision. This means when working on any surface, like either the ceiling or floor, you’ll always make quite sharp and very accurate horizontal and vertical lines all the time, leaving very little room for errors nonetheless.

Over-molded Strong Housing

This device has quite an impressive, very durable design that can withstand harsh conditions effectively. Its body is housed with a strong and versatile IP54 water/ debris resistance surface to protect it against any kind of fatal malfunction.

The housing is also strong to withstand any potential impact in case it’s dropped on a hard surface such as the floor or stairs. Consequently, whether you plan to use your laser line level on different house projects or any given job site, make sure the laser level you choose to buy has quite a strong durable design that can withstand tough conditions effectively.

Long-lasting Batteries

This device comes with long-lasting and very super-efficient 3AA batteries that will enable you to do any work seamlessly, without worrying about the device stop working while in the middle of a project after the batteries have died.

More than likely, these batteries will allow your laser line level to work effectively and consistently for hours, without showing any risks of getting stuck on any given project.

Highly Versatile Fan’s Angle

This device laser’s fan angle is highly resilient and effective in measuring how wide a level can cast a line on any given surface. The wider the angle, the longer the line appears on the surface you’re working on.

DeWalt allows you to set the tool up only once to get a consistent and quite an impressive level line alignment, across an entire wall or a wide range of walls effectively.

Effective Combination of Beams

Upon purchase, it’s important to consider the number of beam levels that can be produced simultaneously while working on a surface. Some laser levels produce only one horizontal beam, but more advanced laser levels usually produce cross beams with two lasers.

DeWalt stealth performance produces both horizontal and vertical cross-line beams that come in handy when laying out either a bathroom tile or when hanging a picture frame with home decor below it.

These beams are also integrated with a combination of both bright line laser projection and point laser capabilities to help you draw striking results on any project you’re working on.

Help and Support

Whenever you buy a tool, it’s wise and also important to know what the warranty is so you can return it if needed. DeWalt has a 3 years limited warranty upon any frequent wear and abrupt malfunction incurred within this period.

After you’ve submitted your laser level within the stipulated period, consequently DeWalt’s customer care will choose whether they should repair your device or replace it with another as the see fit nevertheless. And in case you’ve any questions, feel free to contact DeWalt’s customer support center either via email, live chat or over the phone online.


  • Stealth laser leveling performance
  • Housed with a strong and very durable design
  • Has a 3 years backup warranty on any frequent wear and abrupt malfunction


  • Lacks a lock on the pendulum for ease of use during transport
  • Projecting a line beam over a wide degree range requires more energy.


Does it come with a Rugged Kit Box?

Yes, it comes with the box, which makes it quite useful for small projects.

Is it highly efficient for self-leveling?

Yes of course, but it will be quite effective leveling within a range of about (+ or -) 10-15 degrees. If stretched beyond these levels, the laser level flashes automatically to let you know it’s not level.

Is the magnetic wall holder in the set?

Yes, the laser level has a magnetic pivot bracket permanently attached to its unit.


Above all, when it comes to finding the perfect laser level, it all comes down to overall functionality and accurate precision. DEWALT DW088K self-leveling cross-line laser stands out among the rest and customers have found it incredibly easy to use and can even stand the test of time.

DeWalt is thus suitable for professionals working with either commercial or residential application, such as placing floor and wall tiles or mapping overall wall layout. So, whenever you need a laser level you can highly trust on the job, this is the product to go for — all the time!

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