How to use a Laser Level: The Ultimate Guideline

To know about how to use Laser level is very important before start work with any best laser level. It comes in a different size. For being smaller in size, people use it in house too. People use this in the home for decoration. For example, you can use this for aligning the wall, floor leveling, checking the height of the door and window, aligning the shelves and cabinets, installing drop ceiling, plumbing the wall.

How to use a Laser Level

You can use that regularly. Now, almost everyone buys this equipment because it is so cheap. Different kinds of laser level are used in different task.

For outdoor activities you can use this for different kinds of things. It is not very cheap and it is heavy machinery. That is why people cannot use this for regular work.

It is not a difficult task to use one of these tools. You do not need to school to learn how to use this. As long as you have right guideline you can easily use a laser level. But first you need to know how to use a laser level.

Today it is very easy to lay out a building or design of a site. People do not need much labor for these kinds of work. Also, you can do your work accurately. In the past, it was not very easy to get accurate job.

Different kinds of Laser level can be used in different kinds of job. There are two ways you can differentiate Laser Level. One is by the application; another one is by the set up.

Types of Laser Level by application:-

1.Point generator: It is the simple kind of laser level. People use this to do simple tasks. It shoots laser and takes in a line generator. It can be turned over in front of the beam.

2.Dot Laser: Point of this laser can be leveled, square or plumb.

3.Line Laser: It is a point-to-point level. It can easily shoot vertical and horizontal line. It can shoot over a distance of 65 to 100 feet.

4.Rotary laser level: This laser level can shoot anyway you want. The rotating dot can create 360 degree line.

Types of Laser Level by set up:-

1.Manual Leveling Laser Level: Set up of this laser level is done physically. You have to set it up by yourself. It has leveling screws and level vials.

2.Self-leveling Laser Level: It has an internal pendulum which helps to self level. To operate, you need to unlock the pendulum and turn on the power button. The set up can be done quickly. The auto level indicator will go on if it is out of level.

3.Electronic Leveling Laser Level: It will operate both horizontally and vertically. It provides the most accurate results. It is almost as similar as self-leveling laser level because. If you want to get the accurate answer, then this is the best choice.

You need to know how to use how to use a laser level. Different kinds of activities require different kinds of lesson.

How to use a laser level:

You need to know ways to use a laser level commonly.

1. First and maybe the most important thing to do is to connect the battery to the machine.

2. Find the spot where you want to level.

3. Make sure where you want to put the tripod is not slippery so that it does not move from its place.

4. Lay the tripod on the ground.

5. Keep the equal distance while you lay out the tripod.

6. Push the pin of the tripod into the ground. Remember to press the pin firmly.

7. Check the stability of the tripod.

8. Install the laser level with the tripod. If you are using manual laser level, make sure that bubble show level. There are small screws near the vial. Adjust them as long as it does not show level.

9. Start the laser level.

10. Buy sometime if you are using self-leveling. It needs a little time to self level.

11. The device releases laser light which shows level on the wall. If you are working outside the house, then you need laser detector. There are level laser which comes with laser detector.

12. If there is no wall, you need laser detector to catch the laser line. Most of the outdoor laser level comes with laser detector.

13. Find the height with the measuring rod.

14. Measuring rod should be connected with the laser detector.

15. If the rod does not have measuring facility, you need to set the height with measuring tape.

16. Tune the detector up and down with the rod till it makes beeping noise. When you hear the noise, you will know that it founds the laser.

17. When you found your level, attach the detector to the rod. It may need some change.

How to use a laser level for grading:

Grading is the part where you categorize the place where you are working on. Here you will find if the place is high or low.

1. The First thing you need to do is to find the place where you want to grade.

2. Dry the place where you want to put the tripod. Otherwise the tripod will not be stable.

3. Lay the tripod the ground.

4. Turn on the laser level.

5. You ought to identify the initial height of the grade.

6. Deliver the grade slope from there.

7. Set the bottom of the grade rod at the height where you want.

8. Set the laser detector with the grade rod.

9. Balance the laser detector until you hear a beep sound from the laser level.

10. Lock the laser detector with the grade rod.

11. Find the amount of fall you want from the top to the bottom of the grade. Suppose it is 10 inches (more and less).

12. Shift the laser detector 10 inches up from where it is now. Then you secure the detector.

13. Go toward the bottom of the grade.

14. Now you can find the level with the laser detector.

15. You may have to raise the rod from the ground (which is very possible) or you have to press into the ground depending on where you are working.

16. The bottom of the grade rod shows the bottom of the grade.

17. Mark the spot with something so that you can find the desired height.

How to Use a Laser Level to Level Ground:

To level the ground, you need to have the perfect measurement. For that, you need a laser level to level the ground.

You need to know the ways to level to level ground.

1. Find a secure ground where the tripod of the laser level will be stable.

2. Put the laser level on the ground.

3. Set up the laser level with the tripod.

4. Turn on the laser level. If you are using self-leveling, then give it a few seconds to self-level.

5. Measure the height with a tape unless you have a measuring rod.

6. Point out the place on the ground at your desired height.

7. Connect the measuring detector with measuring rod. Then put the rod at that point.

8. Change the laser detector’s position up and down. You will find your level unless you hear the beep.

9. Fix the detector to the pillar.

10. The bottom of the grade rod will represent the desired ground height.

11. Look for different ground. Find the height where the line of the laser is cut off.

12. Mark the height on the stick with a marker or anything else. Make a pyramid with dirt at your desired height.

13. Do this continuously as long as you do not find reference point to Load the place perfectly.

How to use a laser level for floors:

When you are putting ceramic tiles or hardwood on the floor, it is very important that you use a laser level on the floor. You never want a crack or gap inside the ceramic tiles and hardwood to make any noise. If you want to get nice a flat floor, you should try level maker. It is not much of a trouble.

1. Measure the floor. Find out how many tile you need, you cover the floor with. If you want to do your job quickly, use a laser tape measure.

2. Prepare your floor. Make sure the floor is suitable to lay down the tiles.

3. Turn on the laser level. You will find a line of 180 degrees.

4. Adjust the laser level as long as you find the highest point on your floor.

5. Mark the level with a marker or anything like that.

6. Check all the level, in all parts of the room. The spot will be quarter inch lower than the main level.

7. Mark the main level when you find it.

8. Spot the concrete floor with and marker.

9. If you found the leveling mark lower than the laser line, it means you found a low spot. You need to work more on that area.

10. If you found the leveling mark higher than the laser line, it means you found a high spot.

11. Rotate all around the spot with a remote control. Use a remote control.

12. After laying some tiles in one corner of the place.

13. The level will show a laser line. Use it to verify the positioning. From zero to ninety degrees.

14. Place the mortal of the laser in a small area. After that, line of the level as direction and instruction.

That is the way you have to use a laser level for floor.

How to Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures:

When you are hanging a picture on the wall, there is more possibility that you are hanging a picture wrong. You always need someone to show if the picture is in the right place. But still they cannot figure out the perfection. This is why you need a laser level to hang a picture on the wall. It will save you time and frustration.

I will tell you below how to use a laser level to hang picture-

1. Look for the perfect place where you are going to hang the picture.

2. Use a measuring tape to find the right eye height. Or you can use the height guide for this.

3. Some of the laser level comes with a hanging level. Put the frame onto the hanging level tool.

4. Position the picture on the wall. Make sure that the frame is at the center of the position and it is on the right eye height.

5. Take off the frame from the tool.

6. You can mark where you are going to put the nail.

7. Hammer the nail on the wall.

8. Place your first frame on that nail.

9. You have to make sure that it is leveled before you continue to the next step.

10. Take two pieces of spacer tape. Put those spacer tapes on both sides of the frame. This will help you make sure that you are spacing it right.

11. Take the laser level (sure grip), stick it on the wall. There is a button on that equipment to make it stick.

12. Turn on the laser level.

13. Adjust the laser level on the wall until the light turns green. You will a flash on top of the frame.

14. Put the second frame next to it. Make sure that you are keeping right space between them.

15. See if the frame lines up with the line.

16. After all this, you are hanging the picture on the right position.

With this process you can hang as many pictures as you want beside other.

How to use a laser level for framing:

Laser level helps you to frame a level comfortably. It may sound really normal job to frame a wall. But it is not an easy job to do. It may be possible to do it physically. But it is nearly impossible to do it right. If you want correct dimension of the door and window, you better use a laser level.

1. Find the right spot. It would be great if you put the tripod in the center of the room.

2. Install the rotary laser level with tripod.

3. Press the start button of the laser level.

4. Give it some time to self-leveling.

5. Scale the laser level.

6. Shoot the laser.

7. Set up a top wall frame location.

8. Make a line from where you can measure.

9. It may need some small adjustment in different room, because we are using the same too.

10. Put those shims in the right place with the help of the laser.

11. Screw those up. You need to make sure that it is strongly attached.

12. Then you attach the sills firmly.

13. You can do the rest of the measurements with the help of that.

How to use laser level with tripod:

Tripod is an important to provide good foundation. There are two different kinds of tripod available on the market.

1. Adjustable-leg tripod

2. Fixed Tripod

Adjustable -leg tripod: This is the mostly used tripod out there. Mostly used outdoor workspace. This kind of tripod is mostly useful when you are working on uneven surface. It is way easier than the other tripod to set up. It is easily adjustable. You can make it stand at your desired height so that you can find the level. Because of it being so light and retractable legs, it is easy to move anywhere.

Fixed Tripod: By the title you can realize these tripods are fixed. You cannot adjust it as you wish. It is very heavy. You can work with this at home.

A tripod includes three parts. Legs, points and head.

Legs: Legs are most important and common part of a tripod. It is considered the body. It holds the devices that you are using.

Points: This is the part which helps the leg to be stable. Every kind of tripods has points at the end of the legs. It makes sure when you put a laser level on top of it, it does not move. These points are more essential if you are working outside the house. If you are working, you need to have rubber attachment with it. Otherwise, it will have scratches on the flood while you move it.

Head: The head of the tripod is attached to the leg. This allows you to have stable surface. The tool you are using will represent the type of head you needed.

I will tell you how to use a laser level with tripod. But first you need to know how to set up a tripod.

1. Check if all screws and bolts are tied or loose.

2. Gently pull all the legs of the tripod.

3. Make sure that it shapes up to be a triangle.

4. Position all the tripod legs from each other.

5. Point of each of the legs should be pressed onto the ground. And sure the tripod is stable.

6. Find out if the tripod is leveled or not.

7. Balance the head. Make a flat surface. Don’t attach any laser level before that.

8. Don’t bend the legs while you are doing your job.

9. Adjust the tripod at your desired height.

How to use a laser level with a tripod-

1. Gently put the laser level on the tripod.

2. If you are using self-leveling laser level, you do not need to adjust it. It is the most accurately set.

3. Almost all the outdoor laser level has sound function. If you are using it under the bright sunlight you need this function. Because you will not be able to see the bright laser light under the sunlight. It will make a noise when it finds the contact with laser light.

4. Mark the spot where you want to work. The laser light will show the spot where you have to mark.

5. Turn off the laser line after you are done.

How to use a laser level for drainage:

Finding a perfect way to the set the drainage system is a really hard job. It is a really sensitive kind of work. To pull this off with perfection you, you need right measurement. Otherwise, you will mess up the whole project. If you mess things up in this project you will stick to it for all of your life. That is why it is really necessary to use the laser level. The flow of the water needs to go downward.

1. Use an automatic laser level if you are working alone to calculate.

2. Set the tripod on the ground with the laser level on it.

3. Create a benchmark.

4. Choose the point of interest.

5. Put the tripod on the ground as usual. Then put the laser level on the top of it.

6. Regulate the height you are interested in.

7. Turn on the device.

8. Use the remote to move the device. Then look for your reading when you find the perfect height.

9. Take the reading. Compare the reading with the reading of the instrument.

10. Do the math. See if you need to cut or fill the place.

If you know how to use a laser level, you need to use this level. Or you will not find an accurate answer.

How to use a rotary laser level:

Rotary laser level is one of the best and most expensive laser levels out there. It gives the most accurate answer. This instrument is heavy and easy to use. But you need to have the right guideline. When you are constructing a house, you need measurement for all kind of place.

1. Find a flat surface where you are going to put the rotary laser.

2. Set the device at your desired height.

3. For manual rotary laser level you need to adjust all the screws with the vial.

4. Press the start button.

5. If you are using self-leveling rotary laser level, you need wait little moment.

6. Ensure you adjust it correctly.

7. In the case of working indoors, you can mark the places as you please. You can work on that part of the area.

8. Start the laser detector. Test the laser detector. Hold it close to the laser.

9. If it is working properly, then take the laser detector at your desired distance along with the level rod.

10. Adjust the level rod with the laser detector.

11. When you hear a sound, you will know that it found the laser.

12. Now you can calculate whatever you want.

How to use a self leveling laser level:

Self leveling laser level is most commonly used by the construction worker. It is easy to use, but it is little more expensive than the manual laser level.

How to us e a self leveling are discussed below.

1. Lay the tripod on the ground.

2. Under the level, there is a piece. That piece will go onto the screws. Tight the level as much as it is necessary or it will ruin the adjustment.

3. Start the laser level.

4. Set it up in the best possible way.

5. The light of the laser will start blinking. When you find the solid red light and the level is rotating, it founds it level.

6. Take the laser detector.

7. Attach the laser detector with the measuring stick.

8. Turn on the laser detector.

9. Take the laser detector where you want to work with.

10. Hold the laser detector front of the laser level. Face the laser.

11. Move the laser detector up and down as long as you don’t hear the beeping noise.

12. After hearing the beeping sound, you can tight the laser finder with measuring tape.

13. Flag the place of leave mark behind while you find another place.

How to use a laser level for drop ceiling:

Most of house and building are using drop ceiling because of its attractiveness. This seems like an easy job to do for construction worker. It is very easy job until you have the right measurement. To have the right measurement you need a laser level, which will measure the ceiling for you.

1. Measure the size of the ceiling.

2. Scale it down and draw it on a graph paper.

3. Mark it on the plan. It will help you to make the design well.

4. Decide the height of the drop ceiling.

5. Now find the actual height of the ceiling. Compare them both.

6. Take a measuring tape and a pencil.

7. Measure from the ceiling joist to position that you want.

8. Hang the laser just under the ceiling.

9. Raise the device until it hit your mark.

10. Hang the device.

11. Turn on the laser on the horizontals.

12. Adjust the device manually until it gets in touch with the mark.

13. Give it some time to self-level.

14. Now start the 360 degree projection. Mark every spot as it needed.

15. Remove the laser level.

16. Lock the perimeter channel with horizontal marks you made.

17. Get rid of the unnecessary channels.

18. Connect all the line level for leveling.

19. Take away the level line and the string line.

20. Repeat this process until it is done.

How to use a cross line laser level:

Cross line laser level might be easiest to use. It is one of the smallest devices. It shows the three beams leveling for to get the perfect square level. It shows the 90 degree and cross beam. Now I am going to tell you how to use a cross line laser level.

1. Put it on the table in the corner of the room.

2. If the device is out of level, the indicator will show you if the tool is out of level or not. You can use on a tripod, if you do not want to trust the table.

3. Give it a little time to self level.

4. The laser level will show you the cross line.

5. Now you can do the partition, put on the tiles, or hang a picture on the wall with it.

How to Use a Laser Level Outdoors:

There are lots of work can be done with laser level outdoor. You check the height of the land, find out the position of the bench, fences, doing stone work outside the wall, and specially for the grading process.

If you are working outdoor environment, you will need more than just a laser. You will need laser receiver, tripod, grade rod, and safety goggles. If you are thinking that the safety goggle is not necessary, then you are wrong.

Let me tell you how to use a laser level outdoor:

1. The first thing you need to do is to wear the goggles that you bought. If you want to see the laser light you need to put goggles on.

2. Put the laser on the tripod.

3. Turn it on.

4. Shoot the laser where you want to get a reading. If you spot the line, lock the laser level in that position.

5. Take your laser receiver to the place where you want to work on. Place the laser receiver with the rod.

6. Put the laser receiver on a flat surface. Make sure you have the laser receiver same height as laser level.

7. Move the laser receiver up and down until it receives the laser beam.

8. Lock the laser receiver with the grade rod.

9. Now use those tools to measure and find the place you want.


All the production companies of this product provide a handy book for the operator to use. It is not easy to use if you are a beginner. But it is definitely not impossible. If you want to get the proper answer, then you need to have proper reading. And to get the reading you need to have best laser level. When you are buying the laser level, make sure you read the buyer’s guideline. It is not a cheap product. That is why you do not want any product.

People who work with a laser level need less human resource. And also it will give you the most accurate answer. After you use the laser level, you need to take care of your device. You are working with a device regularly; you ought to keep the laser fine safe.

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