How to use a rotary laser level: The Ultimate Guide

Rotary laser levels are getting cheaper. That is why people buying this for common household uses. If you want to do the job right with a laser level, you need to know how to use a laser level. And besides, you need to consider few things before you purchase one of this tool.

How to use a rotary laser level

If you want to use a laser level inside the house, almost all kinds of laser would work. You have to buy rotary laser level if you are working outside. Line a kitchen cabinet in a closed room in a room needs a multiple laser line. You can also use that for hanging a picture on the wall.

If the laser level provides low rotations per minute, then you see the laser beam better. But the problem is it will not go far. If the rotations per minute are higher, then the laser beam will go a long way.

The tripod you are using, have to be strong. When you are working outside the house, you may work on an uneven surface. So, buy a self-leveling laser level.


Rotary laser level producers provide extra belonging to make the rotary laser level handier to use. Those accessories include tripod, ceiling mount, and a target. Some of the rotary laser level brands are giving this equipment for free.

The tripod helps to set the altitude. Ceiling mount holds the laser level on the verge of the ceiling. Target helps to see the laser light more easily. Anyway, these accessories are useful for indoor use. But if you want to use the laser level outside you need few more equipment such as laser detector and grade rod.

Usually, you need three accessories if you are working outside. They are Tripod, laser detector, and grade rod. A laser detector is a tool which detects laser light. When we work outside in broad daylight, you cannot see the laser light. Laser detector helps you to set the grade. You can do two things with grade rod. One, they hold the laser detector. Two is to set the grade height.

You can change in elevation with the grade rod. Last but not least, colored goggles. You will need this when you are working outside. This will help you to see the laser beam. In the sunlight, you will probably not be able to see the laser light.

Features of Rotary Laser level:

A rotary laser level can shoot 360-degree laser. This is a common feature of a rotary laser level. Some of the major brands of laser level offer a variable speed control feature which is a very important feature.

If you want the laser light to be more visible than you should slow the laser light. At the higher speed, you will see the laser line like a chalk-line. There is a scan mode on some of the laser level. It narrows down angle of the laser. It turns 360-degree rotation to 30-degree or 60-degree.

This will help the laser beam to be more visible. If you have these features, you can work easily both inside and outside.

How to use a Rotary Laser Level:

First, you need to set the rotary laser level. Steps of setting rotary laser level are given below-

Find an even place

​It is really important that you find a flat surface. Then you will be able to put the tripod with any possibility of falling down.

Mark the spot

​You need to put a flag or anything else so that you can identify the place in near future. You may have to leave the place for a little moment. You may forget where you want to level. That is why it is necessary.

Mount the laser level

​Set the height of the laser level where it needs to be. The tripod mount is always perfect. Sometimes people use other objects.

For manual rotary laser level

​The case is always different if you are using a manual laser level. There are small screws close to the vials. All the screws are similar to its vials. Adjust them as long as it does not show the level.

Start the level

​Now, you have to turn off the laser level. If you are using a rotary laser level. You need to wait a few seconds.

Wait few seconds

​If you are using a modern self-leveling laser level, wait some time to level by itself.

Attach the Laser receiver with Grade Rod

​In this step, you have to connect the laser detector or receiver to the grade rod. Make sure you set the device almost as exact height as laser level. Then start the laser detector.

Take the laser detector where it should be

​Take the laser detector to your desired place. Move the laser detector with the grade rod up and down until you hear the beep. The beeping sound indicates that it founds the laser light. And the end of the grade rod is the height you are looking for.

Do the rest

​After finding the initial height, you can compare and calculate the rest of the place. Then change the elevation.


Knowing how to use a rotary laser level is not the only thing you need to worry about. Getting the right rotary is laser level is also important. The use of this device is increasing. The features of this tool make you want to have one instantly.

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