Johnson Laser Level Reviews – Johnson 40-0912

Various professionals such as electricians, carpenters, and contractors normally require some horizontal and vertical leveling tools to assist them when installing various features in residential and commercial setups.

johnson laser level 40-0912 cross-line

One such important tool is the Johnson 40-0912 laser level from Johnson Level.

It offers convenient functionality during the installation of drop ceilings, room framing, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and a lot of other interiors or exterior improvement projects.

Here is a brief look at the Johnson 40-0921 review, and whether it is worth investing in.

Johnson 40-0912 Laser Level Review

Johnson Level & Tool 40-0912...
  • LASER LEVEL: This line laser self-levels and...
  • PERFORMANCE: This cross-line laser can...
  • APPLICATIONS: This self-leveling laser level is a...
  • BATTERY LIFE: The cross line laser tool works on 3...
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Johnson 40-0912 Main Features

Vertical and Horizontal

Laser Beams The 40-0921, a product from Johnson Level emits cross line lasers, both interior vertical and horizontal beams simultaneously. It has a 360A rotational functionality at the base, allowing for operation from various angles. The graduated base can be rotated manually to achieve preferred angle layouts.

Automatic ± 6A Self

Leveling Mechanism The product is also equipped with a self-leveling feature, which gives it unbeatable accuracy as compared with other manual leveling systems such as bubble pipes and spirit level devices.

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The auto self- leveling mechanism within ± 6A enhances accuracy during projects, with the level indicator feature allowing for detection when the operation goes out of level.

Locking Mechanism

Yet another admirable feature of the 40-0921, there is a locking mechanism that offers extra protection to the product while on the move, especially the inner pendulum. This minimizes the chances of damage to the various delicate parts and ensures that the product lasts longer with optimal functionality.

Battery Powered

The product also comes with a pack of 3 Triple A batteries making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use According to the manufacturer, a single set of batteries can keep the Laser level functionally for up to 12 hours continuously.

The Extendable Tripod

Kit The tripod kit offers a great convenience when it comes to acting as a base support for the Johnson appliance. Used concurrently with the laser level, it is quite a handy addition to the entire package. It is adjustable to preferred heights for better performance.

However, buyers may choose whether to take the product with or without the tripod stand feature. Price may vary in this case.


  • The model 40-0921 from Johnson has some admirable benefits including that
  • Affordability — It is highly cost effective as compared to most similar products.
  • Price flexibility —Available without the extensional features such as the glasses and tripod normally at a lower price
  • Easy to use, especially since it comes with an operation manual


  • The 40-0921 Johnson’s laser product also has some downsides, including;
  • The product may not be suitable for use with a laser detector
  • Portability challenge due to large size compared to other options
  • There is a challenge when it comes to locking the product into position for non-level line projections
  • Lack of much flexibility, as both vertical and horizontal laser line functions are normally on at the same time


The Johnson Laser level version 40-0921 can be a good investment for small-scale as well as large-scale contractor projects that require high accuracy.

It has an upper hand over the most manual level system and several automatic options as well, especially when it comes to pricing and the three-year warranty.

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