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CST/Berger TLM100 Laser Distance Measurer Review


The CST/Berger TLM100 is a laser distance meter for measuring long distances with accuracy and convenience. Intended as a replacement for traditional tools, the device is more accurate and efficient than tapes and sticks. Just point the laser and press the large red button. It has a large display for easy to see numbers along […]

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Bosch GTL2 Laser Square Reviews | Hot Laser Level

Bosch GTL2

Measuring tapes, pencil lines and chalk lines have one thing in common: they tend to break after being overused or misused. Well, this can’t be said about a laser, more so a good one such as the Bosch GTL2 Laser Square. This is a tile square laser that features two lasers and integrated vials that […]

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Dewalt DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer Review

DEWALT Laser Distance Measurer165 15foot

Dewalt DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer, is a laser tape measure tool manufactured and designed by Dewalt industry. It’s a durable yet simple measuring tool that measures distance and calculates area and volume. It measures up to 165ft (plus or minus) with an accuracy of 1.5 millimeters. This laser measure has the ability to records […]

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Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer Reviews

Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer is an essential tool that results in accuracy whenever used. Rather than wrecking your brain in trying to find accurate calculations, this tool does the work for you expeditiously and more accurately. Main Features of  Bosch GLR225 Laser Technology: Its laser technology provides precision in measurements to enable you meet […]

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