PLS 3 Laser Level Review – PLS Laser PLS-60523

The PLS Laser PLS-60523 PLS 3 Laser Level Tool from Pacific Laser Systems is a Laser Level providing 3 beams of plumb and level. With three bright lines and self-levelling, the device makes laying reference points simple and fast.

​Contained in a durable, light weight and compact body, the PLS 3 laser is an good replacement for bubble vials or plumb bobs. ​

For the plus/minus 200-dollar asking price, you get the laser level and its carrying pouch, along with floor stands and a magnetic wall bracket for mounting.

PLS 3 Laser Level

PLS 3 Laser Level Review

PLS3 3-Point Red Beam Laser...
  • Accurate to +/- 1/4 of an inch at +/- 100-Feet
  • Includes the carrying pouch, floor stand, wall...
  • Lay out reference points faster than traditional,...
  • Self leveling range of 6 Degree
  • Operating time of + 30 hours continuous

Features of PLS 3 Laser

1. PLS Dampening Delivers Accurate and Consistent Results

The PLS 3 laser self levels to within 6 degrees with accuracy of 1/4-inch at 100 feet. Its precision can be credited to the patented pendulum design with magnetic dampening.

As a result, the device withstands typical jobsite vibrations very well. A major annoyance of any calibration device is how prone they are to common knocks and bumps.

​But, where many laser levels fail, the PLS 3 laser delivers, with its ability to hold up against mechanical vibrations. This is a welcome feature in real world use where the ground is never quite still.

2. Fast Settling to Decrease Wait Times

Thanks to the advanced technology used in the PLS 3 laser, it settles down very quickly. After mounting it, the three beams settle almost instantly.

This makes using it very fluid and smooth. Compared to old fashioned tools, the PLS 3 laser is a night and day difference. Your work site efficiency will get a huge boost, and the added accuracy is welcome.

For me, this is one of the most significant purchases I have made for work. Everything got much more painless and quick to do.

​3. Three Bright and Easy-to-see Beams

The PLS 3 laser features 3 bright laser beams. There are the top and bottom points, and the front laser. The high quality laser modules projects to an indoor working range of 300 feet and a visible outdoor working range of 60 feet.

This is good enough for most indoor areas, and for close range outdoor use. The Point does become a little faint under the sun, but when working indoors the laser is bright and contrasts nicely.

I did not encounter any problems with finding the point when inside. In fact, I located the point on a black beam 150 feet up!

4. Versatile and Easy-to-use

As a laser level, using the PLS 3 laser is a pleasure. It is just 12 ounces in weight, with the dimensions of 1-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 3-1/8 inches. Compared to traditional tools like the divider and plumb bob, using the PLS 3 laser is a greatly simplified process.

Where I used to fumble with long. heavy tools, I can now get calibrated in a quarter of the time. This device makes everything from installing doors to railings much faster. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of levelling to make your finalised job better.

5. Great Battery Life for All Day Work

The PLS 3 laser runs up to 30 hours on three standard AA batteries. This means that you would not need to swap out batteries constantly or bring a dead device to the worksite.

For typical use, the 30-hour rating is quite good and should last you a very long time. When using it, I did not get the sense that the battery will run out soon. This has helped me work more confidently. If you do need it for longer use times, I will suggest buying rechargeable batteries.

6. Three Year Limited Warranty

The limited warranty has been extended from one to three years. During this period, your device will be repaired or replaced without charge for parts or labor.

The service is responsive and helpful with a quick 48-hour factory turnaround. This is great for frequent users who are afraid their device will break sooner or later. Even if it breaks after three years, you would have gotten good value from it.

7. Cantilevered Nose to Increase Beam Visibility

The nose where the beams come out of is cantilevered. This makes seeing the laser’s down beam over plates, two-by-fours, and metal tracks very easy.

It is definitely nice to have compared to having three widely separated beams. Placing the PLS 3 laser on edges is great with the nose. Adjustments are also easier to make.

8. High Build Quality and Durability

PLS did not earn its reputation as a quality brand without reason. From drops to weather, the PLS 3 laser holds up very well.

​The three points are still serving me faithfully after numerous drops from a few feet and bumping about in the trunk.The device feels solid in the hand. Many have expressed delight at PLS products’ quality as well.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and light
  • Bright laser points
  • Fast and Precise Self-levelling


  • More expensive than manual tools
  • No pendulum lock
  • Laser points are not perfectly round


Can the laser project at angles?

No, it is meant for plumb and line use only.

What is the visibility range outdoors?

It is good up to 50 feet even in broad daylight.

Are batteries included?

Yes, 3 AA batteries are included.

Are mounting tools provided?

​Yes, there is a wall mount and stand


The PLS 3 laser should be on the buying lists of both manual tool users and serious professionals. For those using older tools, this will be a great leap in precision and speed. The advantages of a self-leveling laser level is well worth the reasonable entry cost.

​For professionals, this is a very versatile device, with its bright laser and excellent form factor. The PLS 3 laser is commonly used in large commercial projects for its reliability and consistency.

The laser is bright enough even for use in broad daylight, and for up to 300 feet indoors. Add that to the fast self-leveling and 3-year warranty, and you have a product of very good value.

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