How to Use a Laser Level to Level Ground

Whether you see someone is decorating their house or building a new house, they seem to have a laser level. The first thing that pops in our mind is that why do we need a laser level? What kind of need does it fulfill? Even when someone is hanging pictures on their wall, they are using a laser level. You may think that how hard it can be to hang a picture on the wall. You just simply have to hammer a nail on the wall and hang the picture. It is not a hard thing to do. Anyone can do this. But, who ever tried to do it by their self, failed hard. If you want accuracy, you have to have the best laser level.

Leveling ground is a really important way to execute every kind of construction work or redecoration of a house. It guarantees to build a strong foundation. If you do it properly, then it will help to stop the water flow to your new foundation.

People level the ground at home so that they could improve the drainage system. Leveling ground is important for several of reasons. It increases the comfort of walking. If the ground is leveled, you will want to drive in the neighborhood for pleasure. People also level ground to build shed, paver, grass, pools, etc.

There are various kinds of laser level available. You can find those in the market. But you can work with a few of this for this kind of jobs. Fixed line laser level and Dot laser level should be avoided. There are not enough features available on those laser levels. Use a rotary laser level. Most of the today’s brands switching to make only rotary laser. It is because of the rising demand for it.

If you want to level ground perfectly well, you need to know how to use a laser level. Now, everyone can buy a laser level. It is getting cheaper and cheaper every day. But most of those people do not know how to use this tool. If you hire a guy to do it, it would be really costly. You might have to follow few steps to level a ground to laser level.

Rules to use a laser level to level the ground:

1. Find the right place: First thing you need to do is to find the place where you want to level. Giving a flat surface can be a difficult thing to do. But if you know the place it would be easier. This is most difficult for a decorator if they do not know where to level. They have to do some checking before they find the right place.

2. Mark the spot: After you find the right place to level the ground, you need to mark the spot. It would easier to find the place. Hammer stakes in that ground. Or you can just put a flag.

3. Set a tripod: When you are working outdoors, you must have a tripod. It does not matter what kind. But it has to be the kind where you can support your laser level. You won't be able to level anything if you put the laser level on anything else.

Some laser level provides a free tripod for your laser level. But most of the famous or good laser level does not provide this facility. That is why you need to buy a tripod. Never buy fix legged tripod. They are really hard to work with. Get adjustable laser level. Now, lay the tripod on a stable ground where you are going to level.

4. Put battery inside the laser level: The battery will never be installed inside a laser level. You have to do it by yourself.

5. Put the laser level on the tripod: Make sure that laser level bubble and tripod bubble are on the same level. You will find a threaded part under the laser level. You have to screw that part with the tripod. Make sure to screw it very tightly with the tripod. You do not want the laser level to drop from the tripod. It may destroy the laser level. Also, when you move the tripod, it could spoil the calibration.

6. Start the laser level: In this step, you have to start the laser level. Now you have to wait some time to self-level. If you are using a manual laser level, make sure that the bubble container shows the level. Adjust the screws till the bubble vial shows level.

7. Identify height: Pick a point on the ground where you want to set the height. Bring the height from the ground to the laser level. After you set the laser level, you can easily identify your desired height.

8. Take a measuring rod: If you do not have a measuring rod, it would be a bit difficult to work. Because it would take a lot of time to set the laser level detector. First, you have to measure the height with a measuring tape. Then you eventually have to attach the laser detector to a rod. But if you have a measuring rod, you can easily set the height and detect the laser at the same time.

9. Connect the laser detector with measuring rod: There is a bracket with the laser detector so that you can connect it with a laser level. You can tight it and loosen it. Now, connect the laser detector with the measuring rod.

10. Adjust laser detector: After that, your job will be to tune the laser level. Take the laser detector where you want to find the level. Point that laser detector to the laser level. If you hear a noise, it means that you found your level. If not, move the laser detector up and down until you find your level. Tight the laser detector to the pole after that.

11. Finding Desired height: If you look at the bottom of the level rod, you will find the ground height that you want. Then flag the place.

12. Find another spot: Look for another spot where the laser detector can detect the laser light.

13. Continue: You have to do it in the same way for rest of the spots.

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Final Words

This is the process to level ground with a laser level. There are lots of brands out there. Almost all brands create rotary laser level. It is the best option to go with. Ensure that it has all the features that you needed.

Steve Altman

Steve Altman is a laser level expert, having worked with different laser level companies since 2000. He has been using these products frequently, and over the years, he has gained unmatched experience in all aspects of laser levels. Currently, he does in-depth research about some of the best-rated products, analyzes them, and gives his audience actionable, reliable information about laser levels.

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